Why is drilling not suitable for the rainy season?

October 18, 2021

Drilling platforms are now more used in drilling projects. In this project, the speed of the drilling process is also very important. Considering various factors of the drilling rig's work, it is not suitable for the rainy season. As for the reasons, now I will give you an analysis. After the mattock, it is necessary to check the results of the water pump. Under normal circumstances, do a large drawdown for pumping, and the water level is stable for no less than eight hours, while the flow movement of the water level is measured. The layer thickness and particle size of the filter should be constructed to meet the design requirements, and the mud and sediment layers must be removed before laying.
The filter material should be screened to remove the soil and the side reserve amount. Drilling work to ensure smooth drainage of the construction site to avoid the rainy season.