Advantages of Rotary Drilling Tools

Product Description

1. Rotary drilling rig: In the construction of large-diameter cast-in-place piles in high-rise buildings, ports, dams, and bridge foundation projects, the use of rotary drilling rigs for bored pile construction has convenient operation, safety and reliability, strong adaptability, low cost of use, and hole-forming efficiency The advantages of high height, good hole wall stability, and reasonable construction organization and management during construction can play a better role in promoting the construction of cast-in-place piles. 2. Rotary drilling rig: It has obvious advantages in the construction of bored piles in subway projects and has strong applicability; high degree of automation and low labor intensity; high drilling efficiency; good pile quality; low environmental pollution. Can significantly improve engineering construction efficiency and engineering quality. When rationally selecting construction methods and construction techniques, resources such as material, financial, and human resources can be saved to the greatest extent.

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