Construction principle of Soil Hole Opener

Product Description

Soil Hole Opener is a construction technology that combines the directional drilling technology of the petroleum industry with the traditional pipeline construction method. (1) During the directional drilling crossing construction, first, the drilling rig is installed on the side of the entry point, starting from the entry point, and along the designed line, drill a curve from the entry point to the excavation point-as a pre-enlarging and return Drag the guide curve of the pipeline. (2) In the stage of drilling pilot holes, the drilled hole is often smaller than the diameter of the retraction pipeline. In order to make the drilled hole diameter reach more than 1.5 times the diameter of the retraction pipeline, it is necessary to use a reamer to move The pilot hole is enlarged to the required diameter. (3) Finally, after the underground hole is pre-reamed and meets the requirements of dragging back, connect the drill pipe, reamer, drag joint, and installed pipeline in sequence. Starting from the excavation point, ream the pipeline while reaming. Drag to the point of entry.

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