Need To Be Tested Before Construction

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①Do the wheels move? ②Is the rotation very loose? ③Whether the tip of the cone palm (the part where the back is combined with the wheel) is worn too much, if the rubber ring is exposed, do not continue to use it. ④Is there excessive wear on the threads at both ends? ⑤Is the size of the cone nozzle suitable for the construction ground? Is it unblocked? ⑥Is the centralizer excessively worn? The centralizer is generally 20-30mm smaller than the front hole (the centralizer of broken rock or pebble layer can be smaller than the front hole). The centralizer can stabilize the reamer and reduce the wear of the reamer and the cone base. Excessive wear should be repaired in time. ⑦; If it is a used drill or reamer, it is necessary to judge whether the reamer can be completed at one time according to the wear condition, the length of the traverse, the hardness of the rock, etc.?

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