Maintenance And Storage Of Drilling Tools

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①Whether it is a roller bit or a reamer, it must be rinsed with clean water after use, and a record of the use of the drill must be made. If the drilling tool wears too much, it should be repaired in time to facilitate the next use. ②When rinsing the drill tool with clean water, be sure to wash the threads and clean the end faces of the threads. After drying, apply threaded oil and assemble the threaded cap. Those without a protective cap can be wrapped in ordinary packaging such as bubble paper to avoid bumps. ③Even if it is a metal-sealed roller cone bit, there is a rubber sealing ring inside, and prolonged exposure to the sun will affect the sealing performance of the rubber. Whether it is a metal seal cone bit or a rubber seal cone bit, it must be placed in a cool and dry place. Composite seal is a kind of rubber seal, and it needs the same treatment.

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