Features of Mud Pump:

Product Description

1. It can transport high concentration, high viscosity <10000PaS and suspension slurry containing particles. 2. The conveying liquid flow is stable, without overcurrent, pulsation, stirring, and shearing slurry phenomenon. 3. The discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, and the high discharge pressure can be maintained at low flow. 4. The flow rate is proportional to the speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted by the speed change mechanism or the speed regulating motor. 5. With strong self-priming ability, liquid can be pumped directly without installing a bottom valve. 6. The pump is reversible, and the liquid flow direction is changed by the rotation direction of the pump, which is suitable for occasions where the pipeline needs to be flushed in the reverse direction. 7. Smooth operation, low vibration and noise. 8. Simple structure, convenient disassembly, assembly and maintenance.

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