Petroleum Horizontal Directional Jet Mud Mixer 30kw

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Place of Origin: Hebei China
Brand Name: Pangolin
Certification: iso-9001
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Delivery Time: 5-15work days
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Detail Information
Lift (m)/(ft): 36/118 , 33/108 , 28/92 Capacity: 240㎥/h , 180㎥/h , 120㎥/h , 60㎥/h
Flow (m3/h): 2x240 / 240 / 200 / 180 Voltage: 380V/460V Or Customized
Matching Pump: 2xCP68-55 / CP68-55 / CP68-45 / CP56-30 Power (Kw): 2x55 / 55 / 45 / 30
Pressure (Mpa): 0.25~0.40 Inlet Pipe (mm)/(in): DN150/6
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petroleum jet mud mixer


horizontal directional jet mud mixer


30kw jet mud mixer

Product Description

30kw Petroleum Horizontal Directional Jet Mud Mixer


Jet Mud Mixer Is A Unit Used For Petroleum Drilling And Horizontal Directional Drilling




Jet Mud mixers are specialized equipment for adding and mixing bentonite to prepare and increase drilling fluid weight, change fluid density, change Mud density, viscosity, and dehydrate. The effect is more prominent matching with Shear Pump. Jet mud mixer is a unit used together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling and horizontal directional drilling(HDD). The unit includes one sand pump, one jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently. At the same time,we can make Twin Jet Mud Mixer according to the user requirements.It is designed by solids control bentonite mud mixer,drilling mud tank jet mixer.



The main structure features

1. Sand pump and jet mixing hopper can either be combined or be installed separately, and they are connected by pipelines and valves. Seals adopt packing and mechanical double seal, with good sealing performance.
2. Jet mud mixer can change the density, viscosity and water loss effectively, and also enhance material dispersion effect, improve the mixed liquid pressure head.
3. The single-spray mud mixer consists of a sand pump and a shotcrete mixing hopper and is installed in the base with a pipe valve. The double-sided spray mud mixer consists of two sand pumps and two spray mixing hoppers.


Product advantages:
The shell is of cast steel and steel plate assembly welding structure, which has good rigidity and high strength after heat treatment and automatic aging process to remove internal stress;
Integral herringbone gear transmission without undercut, stable operation and long service life;
The crankshaft is a hollow integral alloy steel casting;
Splash lubrication and forced lubrication double lubrication system are adopted;
Elastic bellows type intermediate rod seal, reliable and durable.
Main structural features of JZ-F drilling mud pump:
Hydraulic end
Vertical integral forged valve box, high solvent efficiency, long service life;
The valve assembly is API7 #, with good interchangeability and easy maintenance;
Adopt double gold cylinder liner;
The piston rod is connected with the intermediate rod by a clamp;
The independent spray pump system can effectively ensure the cooling and lubrication of the piston and cylinder liner.


The drilling fluid flow into the jet pump with certain pressure,in the jet pump fluid spouts out from jet nozzle first, then flows into shear pipe through mixing chamber. Materials will be added from hopper to mixing hopper, and move into shear pipe with the flow. During this process, they are dispersed and mixed. The mixture will enter into drilling fluid tank when flows out of the shear pipe.
The shear pipe is hollow and it can expand gradually based on certain curved surface. It is mainly used to enlarge shearing force inside the pipe to disperse the material further and increase the mixture pressure head, this will make it easy to enter into circulating tank.
Bernoulli effect is adopted in shear pipe which is flow rate is rapid with low pressure, and slow with high pressure. Pressure is low in the chamber when fluid spouts out in high speed from the jet nozzle; when fluid enters into the shear pipe, its section is enlarged and flow rate decreased so the pressure rises.



Product parameters


Voltage 380V/460V or customized
Matching Pump 2xCP68-55 / CP68-55 / CP68-45 / CP56-30
Capacity 240㎥/h , 180㎥/h , 120㎥/h , 60㎥/h
Power (Kw) 2x55 / 55 / 45 / 30
Flow (m3/h) 2x240 / 240 / 200 / 180
Lift (m)/(ft) 36/118 , 33/108 , 28/92
Pressure (Mpa) 0.25~0.40
Inlet Pipe (mm)/(in) DN150/6
Nozzle Caliber Φ50/2 , Φ40/1 1/2 , Φ35/1 3/8
Hopper Dimension (mm)/(in) Φ700*Φ150 / Φ28*Φ6
Burden Speed (kg/min)/(lbs/min) ≤100/220 , ≤80/176.4 , ≤35/132.3
Density (g/m3)/(Ib/gal) ≤2.8/23.4 , ≤2.4/20 , ≤2.0/16.7
Viscosity ≤120s / ≤80s
Weight (kg) 3000 / 1800 / 1400 / 1280
External dimension 2650x2400x1150 , 2200x1700x1200 , 2130x1650x1150 , 2000x1650x1100



Field of use

Jet mud mixer is widely used in these industries: Drilling Waste Management, Oil and Gas Drilling, Trenchless HDD & Tunnelling, Oil Mud Seperation, Bored Piling, Water Drilling, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System.



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1. How to order the products?

A: Please send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number.


2. How about the common packing?

A: If there is no special packing demand, we will take it as our normal packing. First in small carton, and then put in the bigger carton together to make sure goods completed.


3. Can I expect a quality products?

A: Yes. mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request.


4. How to control quality?

A: We have our own experienced QC team,there will be strict inspection and testing for each order before shipping out.


5. Fast delivery time:

A: Usually it takes 25 days for production.only 3 or 5 days if we have stock of your request size.


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